How to correct Norton antivirus error code 8504,104

How to correct Norton antivirus error code 8504,104

You might encounter these errors when you are using security system. This anomaly of an error usually occurs when you have not downloaded the complete configuration of the due to some internet crash and because of this, the corrupted setup could be one of the reasons why you encounter this error.

There is another possibility that you might have been trying to upgrade the version of and somehow it failed to update to the latest version.

However, there are some quick fixes you can benefit from to resolve this issue:

Re-install plus remove utility

You can launch the utility named re-install and remove tool by Norton, you can download this into your chosen directory and you can access the download folder using the Ctrl + J key, you can further click on the nrnr icon, you can go through the license agreement and tap on the agree button

After this, you will be able to see the advanced options, choose to select the remove only option. Following this you can choose to click on the restart now option, this will prompt you to restart the system, do so and when the system restarts, you can follow the guidelines to begin the installation of the once again.

Getting rid of other security suites

You can uninstall the other antivirus programs because they can cause conflict with the You can do so as follows:

  • You can use the run command to open the dialog box and you can use the shortcut windows + R, further you can input the following command in the dialog box that pops up: appwiz.cpl
  • After this, you will be able to see a list of installed programs that are situated on your system, you can analyze which other security solution software you are using apart from Norton, you can further select that and choose the option to remove or uninstall it.
  • The wizard will guide you with the easy guidelines you can follow them until the uninstalling of the program is complete. When it is achieved, you can restart your system device

Revising and upgrading the graphics driver

  • You can launch once again the run command by using the Windows + R shortcut key and a dialog box will appear, and now you can input in the text: devmgmt.msc, a window appears and you can see the display adapters, you can double click on that.
  • You can choose to see properties, via a right click on the graphics card.
  • You can view the drivers tab and verify if the drivers are updated or outdated if it is indeed outdated you will need to upgrade and install the latest edition of the graphics card driver. You can choose your manufacturer’s name when it prompts you for selecting the manufacturer.
  • Now you can restart the system device and verify if the issue has resolved or not.

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